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 Who We Are. Why We Love What We Do. Why We Do It.


Alabama Weather is a pop duo fronted by a husband and wife power couple; Miika and Mary. They both have a love for music and wanted to create something unique together.

Miika grew up playing music since the age of 6 and is a classically trained musician as well as a self-taught drummer, guitarist, bassist and keyboard player. He has been doing music production for 10 years and records, mixes and masters Alabama Weather's music and works on other artist's projects. Before starting Alabama Weather with Mary he was creating music under the stage name Above Stars. He has had the opportunity to work with double Grammy nominated and RIAA Certified Platinum Record Producer; David Schuller and RIAA Certified Gold Record Producer; Kevin Gates. Miika has played in hundreds of music performances ranging from classical music to pop, heavy metal, worship/gospel and more.

When Mary was a teenager she began to fall in love with music. The first instrument she started to learn was the drums, but she didn't pick them up well and ended up quitting. A little while later she decided to learn guitar because her older cousin was learning. She fell in love with it immediately and has been playing ever since. Mary also started learning to sing and play other people's songs. She was secretly posting cover songs on YouTube. When Miika and Mary were dating, he found out about her videos and encouraged her to post more and to tell her family and friends. Shortly after that they posted their first cover song together.

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